Are your lawyers drowning in paperwork and inefficiency?

   Canada has 34 518 law firms.

Lawyers spend 3-5 hours every day:

●analyzing client’s documents;

●searching for relevant court precedents

●performing administrative tasks.

   As a result, clients get lawyers who are tired, stressed and busy.    

   Clients face high fees for legal services and must wait more.

Legal CRM, a revolutionary case management system for law firms. We are creating a cutting-edge solution that combines AI capabilities with seamless collaboration features. Our AI-powered CRM for lawyers will streamline case management, analyze client documents, find relevant precedents, and auto-complete court filings, enabling lawyers to increase efficiency and reduce their costs.

Key Benefits

Our CRM system with AI helps lawyers in Canada improve their efficiency and provide a high level of customer services

Save time:

  • Creating a personal account for lawyers’ clients for download all the necessary documents there

Use AI:

  • AI analysis the court base searching for the related precedents
  • AI fills documents based on a clients’ info


  • Follows the personal data laws in Canada



$ 40 month for one user
  • Contact management
  • Task and calendar management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ability to create and manage client profiles


$ 60 month for one user
  • All features of the Basic subscription
  • Background parsing of court websites to monitor changes in client cases
  • Integration with cloud services


$ 110 month for one user
  • All features of the Basic and Advanced subscriptions
  • Full utilization of artificial intelligence
  • Additional integration capabilities with other systems and services

Who are you: our future client?

    Our target audience includes lawyers, law firms, companies with legal departments, and universities in Canada.

    The innovative features of our system make our solution unique and appealing to our target audience. We offer significant time savings in document analysis and preparation, along with improved accuracy and efficiency for lawyers. This will provide our clients with a competitive advantage, enhancing their productivity and client service. The market climate in Canada’s legal industry supports the adoption and implementation of such innovative solutions, and we are well-positioned to compete successfully against other market players.

Implementation Plan

Stage 2 28%

Stage 1:
√ Research and analysis of lawyers’ requirements and the market
√ Planning and defining the system’s functionality
∞ Team recruitment and organization

Stage 2:
—  System architecture design
  Development of core modules and CRM system functionality
  Integration of the basic machine learning algorithm

Stage 3:
— Implementation of AI document analysis features
— Development of the algorithm for relevant case law search
 Integration of tools for automatic completion of legal forms

Stage 4:

— Testing and debugging of the system
— Performance improvement and functionality optimization
— Preparation of the system for pilot launch and user feedback

Stage 5:
— Pilot launch of the system with a limited number of users
— Gathering user feedback and implementing necessary improvements
— Expanding functionality based on user requests and needs

Stage 6:
— Full-scale launch of the system for all clients
— Marketing and advertising campaigns to attract new users
— System maintenance, updates, and ongoing enhancements

Our Team

Kristina Steinmiller, Marketer 12 years of experience in the marketing department.

Dmitrii Sukharev, CEO
Master of Law, founder of a law firm with 8 years of experience

Alexander Tikhomirov, CTO
10 years of software development, 3 years of work in startups.


   We are sure that our idea has long-term goals and ambitions. 

     Now we are looking for partners who share our vision, investors who are looking for a hopeful start-up, and clients who want to bring innovation to their business.

 We have graduated from York Entrepreneurship Business Institute with this project and we are ready to launch our service in Canadian market.

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